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The World’s Finest Super-Smart Watch with Live Video Call Capabilities

Powered by Android 5.0 for truly global use, this is a full-featured smart phone, camera, and fitness tracker all-in-one. It’s also the smallest smart phone in the world. Wear it on your wrist and discover the most powerful smart watch on the planet. Simply insert a SIM card to access data, cellphone function, text messaging and email. It operates without needing WiFi and you don’t have to tether your existing phone to it or be near an internet connection. Your EQINX runs all functions anywhere you go and streams live data independently. EQINX has 23 languages installed, and is a fully unlocked open-source device. It works on any mobile network, anywhere in the world! Download Apps like Messenger™ or Skype™ to make live video calls, or pick from the millions of other Apps available in the Google™ Play Store to customize your watch. You can even download Google Assistant™.  EQINX has a 2 megapixel video camera making it ideal for selfies and social media updates. It’s equipped with WiFi and bluetooth for easy connectivity, has a full QWERTY keyboard for data entry, it’s waterproof, has a sync-contacts feature, and a heart-rate monitor and pedometer for fitness tracking. Oh, and it also tells the time…..


Warranty Period: 12 Months

Product Description

Welcome To The World’s Most Advanced Super-Smart Watch

Introducing the very latest technology in wearable smart devices, the EQINX.

EQINX is a full-featured stand-alone smart phone and includes all the features and benefits you already use every day. Simply insert your SIM card (*service runs at $10-20 per month through most carriers) and enjoy features like text messaging, email, and phone calls. EQINX has a video camera and allows live video calls, using the Apps you’re already familiar with.  It’s great for people of all ages, including children and the older generation. EQINX is simple to learn and easy to operate, and you can even tether it to your existing device if you want to.

EQINX is your activity, fitness, and health tracker. You can stream music without WiFi service making it the ideal product to take with you when exercising. It has built-in fitness software, or you could download your personal favorite from the Play Store. You can head to the gym, take a run, or exercise without a clunky phone slugging around in your pocket, and there’s no need to strap it to a sweaty armband or waist pouch. Stream music while running or call friends doing your fitness routine. It will monitor your heart rate, steps, distance, meals, and calorie intake. EQINX is waterproof, no need to worry about the rain or accidental spills.

With a SIM Card: Enjoy every feature on your watch anywhere you roam.

Without a SIM Card: Enjoy every feature on your watch if you tether or connect to WiFi.

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Here Are Some Great Features

  • Watch NetFlix™, Hulu™ or Vudu™ or stream anything from YouTube™ 
  • Make video calls with Skype™, Messenger™ or any other App supporting video-call function
  • Take selfies and upload them directly to your favorite social media pages
  • Use Waze™ and other GPS Apps including Google™ maps 
  • All social media channels can be downloaded: Twitter™, Instagram™, Facebook™, Snapchat™ etc.
  • Stream music from your favorite Apps like Amazon™, Spotify™, iHeartRadio™ etc.
  • Send and receive email
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Make phone calls without tethering to your cell phone
  • Track your heart rate, steps, food intake, and calories with various fitness Apps 
  • Browse the internet
  • Play games
  • Pay for goods and services using a smartpay App
  • Speak your instructions with Voice Control 
  • Built-in 2 megapixel camera and video camera
  • Built-in file storage for photos and personal data, with expandable slot (up to 16gb) 
  • 10 different display faces to choose from, or make your own wallpaper
  • Calendar and alarms with vibration 
  • Calculator
  • To-Do list
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for simple texting, email and other data entry.
  • Voice recorder
  • MP3 music player
  • Waterproof, dust, and splash proof
  • 23 languages pre-installed
  • 30 minute recharge time, from empty to full
  • 72 hours standby time
  • Flush screen-top (not protruding) so it's difficult to break if dropped on the floor

You can do all this without your phone, and without being in a wifi zone!


EQINX Is The Smallest Smart Phone In The World

The next generation of smart micro technology is the EQINX. Measuring just 42mm long, 12mm thick and 34mm wide, EQINX is the smallest smart phone in the world, but don’t let its size fool you! It is packed with features and operates exactly the same way as the smart phone you already use.

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Power At Your Fingertips

Powered by Android 5.0 you can customize your EQINX with millions of Apps and sync your contacts with Android or Apple devices. It connects to all 3G network towers and has integrated WiFi for optimum use and flexibility at home, in public, or abroad. With your SIM card inserted you can use any of the Apps with your data plan.

It’s built-in haptic sensor is responsive to touch, giving you a gentle vibration each time you press a key, and you can also hear keysounds.

Charging is fast and easy with the cradle-charger (included) and takes only 30 minutes to fully charge from empty using any USB charger or power bank. On standby X1 will last about 2-3 days before recharging, and while using WiFi and BlueTooth and mobile data you can expect it to last all day. With heavy use, of course the battery will need to be charged more frequently.

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Every App will show an icon and its name below it, you will never have to guess which App you are going to click.

Operating EQINX:

Press once for screen on/off
Press and hold for reboot, shut-down, airplane mode selector, and wifi/bluetooth/mobile data selectors

Swipe UP – open Apps
Swipe DOWN – go back one screen
Swipe LEFT – music player, health software, weather
Swipe RIGHT – notifications screen

Competitor Check

As you can see, EQINX crushes all the famous brands in every area and represents a significant technological advantage and superb value.

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Technical Data:

Waterproof: IP67
Chipset: MTK 6580 Four-Core A7 Chip
Bluetooth: 4.0
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
Camera: 2 MegaPixel Still Camera plus Video Camera

Screen size: 42mm x 34mm (50mm diagonal)
Display size: 29mm x 29mm (40mm diagonal)
Thickness: 12mm
Memory: 512mb + 8/16GB card slot
OS: Android
™ 5.0
Compatibility: iOS 8.0+Android 4.3+
Glass: Anti-scratch
Touch: Haptic sense vibration
Charging: USB cradle
Battery life: 2-3 days (depending on usage)
Battery life with WiFi and Bluetooth on: 1-2 days
Battery life when streaming video: 1-2 hours
Charge time: 30 minutes

Purchase Data

1 Year Limited Warranty
30-day Money Back Guarantee
Free U.S. shipping
100% Secure Payments

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Shipping Information

What’s In The Box?

EQINX, 2 charging cables, 2 charging cradles, instruction manual.


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September 13, 2018 – begin production of the EQINX
November 30, 2018 – quality control, packaging, and shipping

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