The Most Versatile 2-Wheeled Electric Vehicles Ever

Price: $995

Weight: 44 Pounds
Top Speed: 19 MPH
Range: 25-37 Miles

Price: $695

Weight: 39 Pounds
Top Speed: 25 MPH
Range: 20-25 Miles

Enhance Your Ride

Safety Equipment


Multi-feature custom APP is also being developed right now!

Multi Display

The light-up screen gives you all kinds of information when riding.
Battery Power, Speed, Odometer, Tripmeter and Temperature.

GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking is included on 2018 model Explorers as standard equipment, for ultimate peace of mind. All you need is a SIM card and a phone!

Alarm & Autostart

With the push of a button you can start the X1 Explorer. You can set the immobilizing anti-theft alarm with another push of the keyfob button.

Smooth Ride

With pneumatic air tires and triple suspension, your cruising will be comfy and soft for every mile. Navigating any terrain is easy!

Love To Travel?

Whether you travel by car, RV, or boat, your new X1 bike is the perfect companion for discovering the world around you. Forget the tiresome walks and the expensive taxi rides, enjoy your freedom and ride your X1 instead.

Care-Free Commute

Ride wherever you need to go, easier than ever, with your new X1 bike.  Skip the traffic and avoid the hassles of parking.  Arrive cool, fresh and comfortable after your fast and fun commute. Never sweat again!

Socialize In Style

Every head will turn as you ride your new X1 bike to meet friends for lunch.  Fold and roll to the table.  Pull the fold-lever and your X1 instantly becomes the size of a golf bag. Compact, portable, easy to carry or stow away.

Use Public Transit?

Make your last mile your best mile with an X1 bike!  Ride to the bus or subway station, fold, roll, and then complete your journey with ease.  No gas, license, or insurance required. Sidewalk safe!

We donate cash to for every X1 Bike ever sold